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December 3rd, 2010

Sweet Links – Week of 11/29/2010

iPhone and iPad now support TrueType font embedding. This is huge.
Jeffery Zeldman offers a quick run-down on TrueType support in iOS 4.2.
Elsewhere in the iOS Fonts world…
iOS Fonts tries to maintain a list of the fonts supported on the iPhone and iPad.
Google and Microsoft cheat on Slow-Start. Should you?
Ben Strong provides some interesting investigation on how Microsoft, Google and others violate RFC-3390 to decrease page load time.
Editorial SEO: Get an introduction and best practices.
An overview of SEO tactics for writers and editors by Rob Flaherty.
Fun JavaScript technique for creating coloring book versions of your image.
Why professional logo design does not cost $5.
Jacob Cass explores what kind of logo you can get at what cost.
Design for content management systems.
Smashing Magazine offers some tips on optimizing your website design for a content management system.
Find your way with static maps.
Guidance from 24 Ways on implementing static maps using the same techniques you use for dynamic maps (and why you might want to do such a thing).
University websites do it all.
Based on our experience in the higher-education space, XKCD hit close to home.
Review the history of CSS Resets.
It doesn’t seem like CSS Resets have been around that long, but Michael Tuck starts a three-part series on them with a great history.
Ben the Bodyguard brings news.
Awesome site introducing a forthcoming app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Chrome 7 overtakes IE7 to become the world’s third most-used browser.
Sitepoint’s latest data shows that Chrome is rapidly gaining usage.
Firefox Live streams warm fuzzies.
Finishing up with the cutest additions to the Web community this week, courtesy of the Mozilla Foundation.