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April 12th, 2011

Sweet Links – Week of 4/11/2011

Listing “customer personas” instead of features improves CTR by 200%
It’s often the little things that make the biggest impact. No new design. Same functionality. Just a tweak in messaging.
PearWords Startup Resources
Not sure what should be in your privacy policy? What about your NDA? PearWords offers some free templates with language to get you started.
How Paywalls Are Changing News Organizations’ Social Media Strategies
Most interesting just for its brief synopsis of the different pay models various traditional news organizations are trying online.
A collection of thinking and proof of concept on the mobile Web.
Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends (2/11)
Lots of great data and trends from Matt Murphy and Mary Meeker.
Design Principles
Jeremy Keith shares his vast collection of assorted design principles.
f8 Conference Badges
A whole-scale re-consideration of what a conference badge is.
Comic Sans Criminal
A concise history and explanation of why you probably shouldn’t be using comic sans for *that*. Sweet presentation, too.
Measure Anything, Measure Everything
A peek behind the curtain of the Church of Graphs.